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A green gaze

Image: © gornist / Fotolia

There is nothing like green makeup to give you a look of freshness and put you in a mischievous experimental mood. Another good thing about it is that it is equally suitable for daytime and evening makeup, but there are a few tricks you should know in order to create the perfect green gaze.
Evening makeup advice
First step is to put on a good foundation. Use concealer, foundation and/or powder according to your needs. After that you need to acquire a few shades of green eye-shadow. Start off by applying the lighter green and then add the darker shades on the brink of the lashes and towards the outer corner of the eye. Use a special color blending brush.
Now you can add a thin line of green eyeliner to the darker tones of eye-shadow. Mascara is also very important. Use one with a pearly glow to enhance the green effect.
Daytime makeup advice
For daytime makeup, use lighter shades and matted tones of green. Put creamy green eyeliner right above the upper lashes. For the lower lashes you can use eyeliner of the same color or brown, purple or golden, if you feel more daring and adventurous. Don’t forget to apply mascara for a complete fresh look.
Green eye-shadows are gracefully combined with golden or black. For the lips use the lighter tones of orange, light-pink or skin color gloss.

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