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Advice for your summer makeup

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Summer heat can have a horrible effect on makeup. Instead of looking flawless, you can end up looking comical if you do not put in some extra effort towards special summer makeup care.
Ideal for summer is the so-called natural makeup. Bronze dust, matted eye-shadows, creamy colors and pastel tones are the perfect choice for hot weather. Summer makeup should be fresh, discreet and natural and of course, should make you look younger. In order to achieve this, you have to forget about heavy mascara and eyeliner.
Preparing the skin
Before you begin with your makeup, spend some time caring for your skin first. Cleanse the skin and rub it with a cube of cosmetic ice to close the pores and give it a matted look. If your skin is oily or mixed type, apply some moisturizing lotion to give it extra hydration and prevent the formation of pimples.
Say ‘No’ to foundation
As far as foundation is concerned, experts advise that its use should be avoided in the summer. You can use a little bit of blush to accentuate your cheekbones, but if you desperately need foundation, make sure to at least use a moisturizing one with a matting effect.
For a more natural look, you can confidently substitute foundation with powder, even though when striving for natural makeup powder is also not recommended. If, however, you are inclined to use it, choose a light variety, smooth in texture and within one of the following tones: golden-brown, pink raspberry, dark red or one of the darker pinks.

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