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Advice on year-round care for your skin and especially the area of the eyes

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During the cold winter months, the skin is subjected to cold air, wind, air-conditioning and other harsh environmental factors, which excessively dry and dehydrate it. In order to help it cope with this, you can buy a humidifier and let it run at night.
Make sure to clean your face thoroughly before you go to bed. Leftovers of makeup will definitely be affecting your skin during the night and not in a good way. Use gentle cleansing products, or if you wish, drip a couple of drops of baby shampoo on the makeup removal pad to cleanse the eye area.
Always apply moisturizer after taking a shower. Use moisturizing lotions containing hyaluronic acid, because it helps the skin retain moisture. If you take your showers and moisturize in the evening, in the morning your skin will be smooth and soft.
To prevent the eyes from becoming red and puffy, use an eye-area product every morning and evening. If redness is a big problem for you avoid using anti-aging products, especially ones containing perfumes, since they may irritate the skin and worsen your condition. Choose a product with hydrating ingredients and no perfume.
Limit your salt and alcohol intake. They are among the chief reasons for eye puffiness. Alcohol dehydrates the body and puffiness is a symptom of that. You do not have to deny yourself an evening cocktail every now and then, but after consuming alcohol sleep on a loftier pillow to reduce the risk of puffiness.
It is always good to know what you are putting on your skin, so get in the useful habit of reading labels. Not all products against dark circles are the same. If your problem is with small blood vessels showing through the surface of your skin, use lotion containing vitamin K, because it will stimulate the blood circulation in the problem area. When dark circles are close to the surface they are often the result of excessive pigmentation. In this case, use lotion with whitening ingredients such as kojic acid; just make sure that it is designed for use in the eye-area.
Sleep on a satin pillowcase. It is good for the skin because it offers a perfectly smooth surface. Some experts even go so far as to say this actually delays wrinkle formation.

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