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Arabian breeze

Image: © Kasiutek / Fotolia

Arabian makeup looks best on brunettes with brown, golden or green eyes, but blonds can also use such makeup, as long as they keep to the lighter colors. They should also use brown mascara and eyeliner instead of the black ones.
In the Arabian makeup the main accent falls on the eyes – dark and mysterious. The upper and lower lids are framed with kohl or dark eyeliner as close to the lashes as possible, giving them the almond shape Arabian beauties are so famous for. The eye-shadows should be in golden, peach or brown. Apply a few layers of mascara to the upper lashes to make them thicker and longer. For the lower lashes one layer is enough. You can elongate the line of the eyebrows at either end and highlight them with a dark-brown pencil. In all cases, the eyes and eyebrows should be well defined and accentuated.
The complexion should be medium with a slight golden tan. Arabian makeup does not normally use bright nuances. Instead the preference is for warm, golden, peach and terracotta tones. Blush should also be harmonious with the tone of the face – golden brown for darker skin and silvery peach for lighter.
Cover the lips with a clear shine or one in natural colors. Slightly powder the face with pearls to complete the sexy, mysterious look of the exotic Arabian women.

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