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Smoky eyes are characteristic for Arabian makeup

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Because of the social requirements and laws in the Arabian countries, one of the fundamental obligations of women is to be beautiful. In many Muslim countries women cover their faces with a veil, so the only part of it that remains visible are the eyes. It is not a coincidence that when applying makeup, the eyes are the thing they accentuate on most. Bing covered from head to toe, the only means of non-verbal communication with the opposite sex they have is eye contact. This is the reason why Arab women are famous for their beautiful mysterious eyes.
The highlights of your Arabian makeup
The eyes
Smoky eyes are characteristic for Arabian makeup. The most popular colors are black, grey and green. Depending on the color of your eyes and clothes you can choose one of these colors. The black smoky makeup is suitable for evenings and looks especially good on ladies with hazel eyes. It can also do a good job at highlighting green or blue eyes. Green makeup looks good on ladies with dark eyes, giving them more color.
In Arabian makeup eyeliner is almost always used. With it you can accentuate the eye with the famous cat-eye line.
If you wish to impress with your makeup, you will also have to take care of your lashes. Curl them and cover with mascara. For a better effect use two layers of volume mascara.
As mentioned above, the emphasis of this type of makeup falls on the eyes. However this does not mean that you should neglect your lips. Lips covered with a thick lipstick and gloss will give you the passionate appearance of a true Arabian princess.

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