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Beautification for men

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Not only women need beautifying procedures. Lately men often look at themselves with the realization that they also need to care for their appearance. Yes, male beautification procedures are different than the ones females are used to and have been practicing for centuries. For one thing, manicure is called “hand care” and pedicure – “foot care”.
The introduction of men to beauty procedures often begins with massage. Regardless of its type and duration massage is frequently the first step towards regular self-care for men.
Massage is one of the most ancient methods, having a cosmetic and healing effect on the body. Its basic task is to enhance blood circulation and to achieve relaxation. The most popular among men is the restorative massage, which is a variety of sports massage. Men usually prefer it after different physical activities and heavy fatigue.
The restorative massage fights weakness, muscle and psychological tension, raises efficiency for different parts of the body as well as for the body as a whole.  A similar, although less invigorating effect on the male body has the more elaborate relaxation massage with essential oils.
Also popular with men is zone massage of the head and neck which also help relieve pressure accumulated during the day.
The relaxing back massage is recommended for men who spend most of their time behind the wheel or at the office desk. The Tai massage is used to influence different areas reflexively linked to the whole organism.
It is important to note that improvement will be felt right after the first procedure, but for a lasting improvement of your condition you should proceed with a whole course.
One of the few types of facial care that men are willing to succumb to is the anti-aging procedures. Nowadays quite a few men are concerned with the problem of aging and are willing to consult a cosmetician.
Following are the procedures for sensitive skin, which soothe irritation. Anti-stress care is often employed by men who travel frequently, lead tense negotiations or work well into the night.
Among the most unpleasant beauty procedures for man are manicure and pedicure. The very names of these procedures bring out strange associations in the minds of men, but a man who cares for his hands and feet is no less masculine and respectable than a man who does not.
Manicure can be divided into three types – hygienic, sporty and SPA. The male manicure, which lasts approximately 40 minutes, fundamentally differs from female manicure. First, because the shape of the male fingernail should always conform to the shape of the finger, so it needs to be trimmed to the finger tip. Afterwards, it can be polished with a special nail-file. Fingers are often treated with a scrub to remove pollution and soften the skin. Secondly, the cosmetic products used in male manicure are manufactured taking into consideration the structure of the male nail and are practically odorless. The special nail polishes for male manicure give you the option to choose either a matted or shining look for your nails, while regenerating them.
Beauty salons are more and more frequently visited by men, who do not hold a certain public status, but wish to look good and healthy all the same. They should be encouraged.

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