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Beauty secrets from the orient

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Contemporary beauty products are mostly directed toward outwardly effecting different skin conditions. On the other hand, traditional Chinese medicine deals with the whole body as well as the factors responsible for wrinkle formation.
Chinese medicine focuses on the work of the inner organs, removing obstructions of the blood flow toward the face thus aiding in the harmonious distribution of energy and fluids in the body. This nourishes the skin from the inside out resulting in a youthful, smooth and wrinkle-free face.
Bellow you will find beauty tips, including homemade masks, exotic spices and delicious food, all working together to give you a clear and radiant skin.
The “root” of the problem
One universal remedy, helpful with any kind of skin problem is the ginseng root. Its botanical name is Panax, which means precisely that – “universal remedy”.
Ginseng is thought to be one of the most valuable herbs of China, containing powerful molecules which reduce stress and fatigue. It is rich in antioxidants which neutralize the free radicals responsible for wrinkle formation. It also contains natural steroids which aid in tissue regeneration.
According to traditional Chinese medicine, ginseng benefits all of the five main organs in the body – heart, lungs, spleen, kidneys and liver. It also improves the metabolism of the skin and provides nutrients. All these qualities slow down the aging process and wrinkle formation.
When buying ginseng, make sure you are buying the Panax type and not Siberian ginseng which has completely different propertied. Soak 2 grams of ginseng root in 120ml of water for 30 minutes, then steam for an hour more. Drink half of the fluid before breakfast and save the other half for next morning. Do this procedure daily for anywhere from 10 days to a month and reevaluate the condition of your skin.
If you are taking medication or suffering from a disease, consult your physician before taking any kind of supplement.
Pearly beauty
Legend tells that Chinese empresses literally removed their wrinkles with pearl dust. Pearl dust contains amino acids and other elements which rejuvenate the skin. Look for pearl dust under the Chinese name of Zhen Zhu Mo or the pharmaceutical name of “margarita”. Mix one teaspoon of pearl dust with one egg white and ½ teaspoon of honey. Add a little water if necessary. Apply to face for 20 minutes and rinse with warm water. It always works! For a better effect cover your face with a warm moist towel before and after applying the mask – this will expand your pores for better reception of the nutrients. Besides, warmth is always relaxing.
Rejuvenating food
The Chinese include in their diet a lot of foods which can postpone aging, improve skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles. A few of these foods are dates, honey and cherries, and, of course, the Chinese mushrooms of the tremella variety (which is actually a tree fungus). These fungi, besides rejuvenating the skin, supply the body with a generous dose of vitamin B, iron, calcium and potassium. According to traditional Chinese medicine, these mushrooms are good for the heart, lungs and blood and are known as energizers. You can buy such mushrooms and prepare them at home or order Chinese takeout today.
Press the youth button
For an instant feeling or rejuvenation and refreshment, try 5 minute acupressure massages at home or at the office. Same as acupuncture, acupressure is directed towards certain points in the body in order to regulate the flow of the chi energy, which is believed to flow through the body through a sort of “paths” called meridians. When the flow of energy and blood to the face increases the facial muscles relax and the skin elasticity improves. This means that your beautiful healthy skin is literally in your hands.
There are 5 energy points at the line of your eyebrows. One of them is located between the two eyebrows and is often called “the third eye”. There are also two pairs of energy points at the inner and outer corner of each eyebrow. Using the index and middle fingers on both hands, start at one of the points and massage vertically towards the hairline. Move your fingers to the next point and repeat. You can perform this self-massage anywhere, at any time – at work, while traveling or as a relaxation technique before going to bed.

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