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Blonds – advice on how to make the most of your complexion and hair color

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When we speak of blonds we should know one thing for sure – the makeup colors that look good on them are different than the ones that look good on brunettes.
Goldilockses have lighter skin complexion and the darker tones of decorative cosmetics can make them look too gothic. Unless there is an artist trapped inside you, the purpose of makeup is to complement your complexion and natural hair and eye colors.
You want tan? Not through foundation.
One fundamental error a blond can make is to choose an inappropriate color of foundation. Foundation must be in harmony with your skin tone, not with the present color of your hair. Using bronzing foundation to create the illusion of suntan is a mistake. To achieve this effect you should use light-brown eye-shadows or blush in earthen tones instead.
The blush color that looks best on light complexions is somewhere among the pink and peach nuances.
Lipstick – soften the colors
As a rule, all lighter tones of lipstick look good on blonds. If however your desire is for a lipstick in a brighter color, soften it with gloss. A clear gloss with a golden shine over bright red lipstick can soften the color and create an amazing effect of refinement.
Gentle nuances for gentle features
Eye-shadows in dark colors create too much of a contrast with lighter tones of skin and hair. The aim here is that the color should accentuate your features, not detract attention from them by standing out too vividly. It is also important how you apply the colors. If you are set on using dark tones, apply them only to the outer part of the eyelid. Add lighter tones under the eyebrows.
Pinks and earthen tones always look good on blonds. If you want to make your makeup more dramatic use eye-shadows in blue or light-violet. Using different nuances of one color creates a harmonious look.
Brown, golden or green mascara can complement the eyes, while black mascara may optically shrink them.
Blondie classic
Pale pink eye-shadows, light-pink blush and pink lipstick. Use brown mascara to highlight the eyelashes.
If you are one of the blonds with a darker complexion, your colors are among the earthen tones. Try soft grey nuances, light-brown and beige. Lipstick and blush must be in pale coral.
The clear gloss is always a perfect choice.
Sparkling and fabulous
Evening makeup in silver or light-grey is a wonderful decision. Apply shadows to the whole eyelid. Use gentle lavender tones in the upper and outer part of the lid. Blend the borders between colors with a brush. Apply grey or mahogany eyeliner to the outer corner of the lower lid and finish off with dark-brown mascara.
Pink blush with an earthen undertone will give brilliancy to your complexion. Add mocha colored lipstick and sparkling pink gloss. Use lip liner a tone or half a tone darker than the lipstick itself. Lighter lip liner will give the borders of the lips a smudged look, while a darker tone will stand out in an unpleasant way.
Don’t be afraid to experiment
Try different color combinations. This is the easiest way for you to find out what you like and what looks best on you. Blue is an interesting color. Feel free to try out its various shades.

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