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Can lipstick be harmful to your health?

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Lipstick is one of the kinds of cosmetic products that women can’t do without. Lately, however, it is being speculated that lipstick can have a detrimental effect on the teeth, destroying the enamel and even causing cavities.
Brazilian scientists at the University of Sao Paolo have analyzed the chemical ingredients in lipsticks produced by the 10 most popular cosmetic companies worldwide. The test results conclude that a huge percent of lipsticks contain substances which can be hazardous to your health, such as lead and lead compounds, paraffins and others.
The paraffins discovered in lipsticks are solid fractions of petrol. The coloring agents in the cosmetics are derivatives of petrol, coal tar and plant, animal and mineral sources. A large part of them are also suspected as irritants, carcinogens and mutagens.
According to the authors of the research, regardless of the minute amounts of hazardous substances in lipstick, they can still permanently damage the teeth if used daily. Paraffins can cause staining on the surface of the teeth and even cavities, which if not treated correctly can lead to the loss of a tooth. As a reason for this, scientists point out the stickiness of paraffin. Once inside the mouth, it sticks to the surface of the teeth together with food remnants and pathogenic bacteria. Bacteria stuck under the paraffin are hard to remove, multiply quickly and take just a few weeks to destroy the tooth enamel and create microscopic cracks in the tooth.
Doctors recommend that lipstick should not be used daily. If women cannot give up this important part of their makeup, they should brush their teeth more often and use anti-bacterial mouthwash. One good method for cavity prevention is the covering of the teeth with a protective coat. This procedure should only be performed by a specialist.
Another recent research shows that lipstick is harmful not only to the teeth and lips, but can also affect the inner organs of the body. Through involuntary licking of the lips and swallowing of the dangerous chemicals with food, the stomach receives and processes substances associated with behavioral, neurological and other disturbances, suspected and proven carcinogens and mutagens.
According to experts, paraffins and the compounds of heavy metals facilitate the development of malignant formations in the digestive tract and organs, as well as in the mouth and nasal cavities. Experts use this research to explain the fact that malignant formations of the digestive system are considerably more common in the female population and are the third most common after breast and genital cancer.

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