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Caring for your face and doing it right

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In order to have beautiful and radiant facial skin, the efforts you extend in caring for it should be pointed in the right direction. Skin is the largest organ which reflects our spiritual balance as well as our overall physical condition. We should treat it with care, taking the time to investigate how to rightly do so.
We all know that skin care should be continuous and thorough. Despite this we sometimes make unforgivable errors, which often reflect on our outward appearance. Listed below are the four most common mistakes in skin care:
Error #1
Many of us are under the impression that the more cosmetics we use simultaneously (whether night cream, lotion or mask), the quicker and better effect they will have.
Fact is…
Regardless of the amount of a certain cosmetic product that we pile on, it will sadly not make it more effective. Furthermore the thick layer will more likely ensure a trip to the dermatologist than beauty, because the active ingredients in cosmetics can cause allergies, dermatitis, inflammations, etc. And last but not least, the overconsumption of cosmetic products is harder on the budget.
Apply cosmetics in a dosed manner according to the instructions. If the product has a high concentration of active ingredients and is only designed for certain areas, do not use outside the designated areas.
Error #2
In skin care, tonic lotion is universal for every skin type.
Fact is…
The latest research (including medical research) shows that tonic lotion is necessary only for oily or problematic skin, in an attempt to control the over-secretion of oils. If your skin type is different than the abovementioned it is sufficient to simply clean the face every morning and use a deeper cleansing mask once or twice a week.
According to dermatologists, if your skin is prone to inflammations, you should use tonic lotion containing salicylic acid.
Error #3
From all the decorative cosmetic products, mascara is the most easily damaged. It quickly hardens and its quality lessens.
Fact is…
Every cosmetic product has its expiration date, because with time the active ingredients lose their useful properties and can no longer achieve the desired effect. Also, old expired cosmetics are a breeding ground for many kinds of bacteria. It is not recommended to keep cosmetics which have been opened for longer than one year. For some products, especially natural cosmetics, the expiration date is even shorter – two, four or six months after opening.
Lotions and cosmetic emulsions are best preserved in dark, cool and dry places. Make sure to completely tighten the lid in order to prevent air from oxidizing the product.
Error #4
Ultraviolet rays are able to induce premature aging and facilitate the formation of malignant alterations of the skin. That is why it is necessary to use protective and decorative cosmetics with a high SPF. The greater varieties of cosmetics you use the better protection you get.
Fact is…
When using SPF products, the product with the highest factor overrides the rest. SPF cannot be summed.
Strive to use products of the same brand with an adequate protection level. Do not forget sunglasses! They continue to be the best protection against the sun for the eyes and the delicate area around them.

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