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Carrots – boon for dry skin

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If your facial skin is dry, you must use effective carrot face mask regularly. It’s very helpful for dry skin, nourishes it and will give you an amazing hue – like you were in the Caribbean. Do it once or twice a week.
Grate finely two middle carrots and mix with a yolk. Apply the mixture on a previously cleaned and dried skin.
After 20 minutes remove the mask with the cotton swab, moistened with warm water. Apply plenty of nourishing cream.
Another version of carrot mask – take one teaspoon with a fresh carrot juice or grated carrot and mix it with a teaspoon curd and a teaspoon cream. Apply on cleaned face for twenty minutes.
There is another one variant to prepare a carrot mask. Boil a big carrot and peel it. Mash it with a cleaned and peeled avocado. Add an egg, three spoons with honey and two spoons with cream. Apply a thick lay of mixture and wash it after 15 minutes with warm water.
Carrot mask affects rejuvenating and hydrating. It’s due to a large amount of vitamins and trace elements contained in carrots.
Carrots protect the facial skin from the harmful influence of environment and sun, and make it more elastic and smooth.

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