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Cleaning the face

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To clean the skin to shine it is necessary to follow the three basic rules:
Right Choice
Oily and combination skin is best to clean with foaming agents – creams and gels for washing. For normal skin milks are suitable creams and toner. For sensitive and dry – cleaning agents must be based on oil. (more…)

Autumn make – up 2011

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The most important tendency in autumn makeup is naturalness and elegance.
Every previous autumn was fashionable tanned face – this was dictated by the desire to keep outgoing summer.
But in this autumn bronze, blackened skin from the sun is no modern.
Now it is coming pale, “marble” skin. Naturally, for some it was a gift from nature. But for the majority of women that is the result of literate skilled care and makeup. (more…)

Face masks with pineapple

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Everybody loves healthy and tasty pineapple, but it is really good to be used as a beauty tool.

Mask for dry and loose skin

Take two pieces of canned pineapple make them as mash and add 3-4 drops of lavender oil and 1 tablespoon olive oil.
Mix everything and apply on the face for 15 min.Rinse with warm water.
This mask can be used for hends as well. (more…)

How to achieve perfect makeup?

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A good makeup applied correctly and with proper cosmetics, changes the vision of the woman and makes her unique.
In the text you will find tips on how to change the usual ways to make ourselves more beautiful.
The nice makeup makes a woman more attractive, giving a fresh youthful appearance.
It also creates a sense of confidence. (more…)

What Does Your Astrological Sign Say About Your Makeup ?

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If you are a fire sign

Foundation: gold-peach colour
Fix it with powder in the same nuance.
Eyeshadows: put light grey colour (could be pearl sheen/shimmer eyeshadows) on your eyelids.
Put several layers of black mascara on your eyelashes.
Lipstick: from light coral nuances to scarlet, combined with light brown rouge. (more…)

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Honey tomato facial mask

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Tomatoes are known to have antibacterial qualities, which help against acne. They also contain acids, which give the face a gentle scrub effect and remove dead cells, leaving the skin tangibly clear.
Puree tomatoes and add honey. Apply on a clean face and wash away with warm water after 10 minutes. Follow up with a moisturizing lotion.

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Jojoba chocolate facial mask

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This facial mask gives a silky softness to your skin.
Melt 100 grams of milk chocolate. Add 1 tablespoon of jojoba oil and let it cool. Apply on a thoroughly cleansed.The mixture should be lukewarm when you apply it. Rinse after 15 minutes with warm water.

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