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Cleaning the face

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To clean the skin to shine it is necessary to follow the three basic rules:
Right Choice
Oily and combination skin is best to clean with foaming agents – creams and gels for washing. For normal skin milks are suitable creams and toner. For sensitive and dry – cleaning agents must be based on oil.
Without overdoing
Cleaning the skin to remove important fat grinding is wrong – without fat the skin becomes dry and irritated.
Washing should be done with water at room temperature.
Here’s how according to dermatologists seems proper washing. In the beginning cleaning agent is applied to the neck and then with incremental circular movements spread to the face. This will help to activate the blood circulation. And note that hot water opens pores too and too cold can not dissolve the fat.
There are several types of facial cleansing
Manual or mechanical
It’s recommended for very dirty, oily skin, but it is forbidden for some diseases like viral infections, epilepsy, hypertension, asthma, tumors.
It is suitable only for normal skin.
Used for all skin types except chemical peels, botox and after operations.  It is necessary to be careful when the woman has varicose veins.
Cleaning can be done throughout the year, but the period of solar activity there is at risk of pigmentation. Moreover, in the summer due to increased activity of sebaceous glands, the skin gets dirty quickly and the effect of cleaning will be brief.

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