Collagen – a simple explanation of the notorious ingredient in anti-ageing cosmetics

Image: © Serg Zastavkin / Fotolia

Have you ever wondered: what is this collagen that dermatologists talk about? Here we will attempt to answer this question in the simplest way possible.
Collagen is a protein which acts as glue, keeping the parts of the cell together and making the formation of tissue and organs possible.
In children and young people skin is usually in excellent condition, because collagen fibers are constantly renewed. With the advancement of time, most often after the age of 25, the activity of collagen lessens. As a result, the skin loses its freshness, its elasticity diminishes, moisture in the derma begins to dry and wrinkles begin to form.
The natural aging process is speeded by outer environmental factors such as smoking, UV rays, smog and aggressive elements. As a result of the decrease in collagen, the agility and flexibility of the joints also decreases and some scientist say that this can be one of the reasons behind cellulite.
In cosmetology, collagen is widely used as an ingredient in anti-aging products. As far back as half a century ago scientists began to work on creating a pure non-synthetic collagen which would induce a medical revolution and be considered an elixir of beauty. Today collagen is also used in cosmetic and corrective surgery, for example in lip enlargement.


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