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Colored contact lenses – tips on choosing the color that is right for you

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There are a few simple rules to follow when choosing a color of contact lenses, which would make you look dashing.
If the natural color of your eyes is brown, choose violet, green or blue contacts.
If your eyes have blue-green undertones, then brown lenses will make your gaze look chocolate-sweet.
If you have dark skin, buy contacts in a bright, vibrant color for a better contrast.
If your skin complexion is paler, select a lighter color to keep your features from looking overly sharp.
If you have blue eyes and you aim for a more extravagant look, then you should acquire grey contacts with a green undertone. The blend of these three colors will make your eyes look stunning.
If you appreciate your own natural eye color and are only going for a slight change of hue, you should know that there are contacts designed to deepen and enrich your natural color. Go with them.
Get as many opinions as you can from friends, relatives, beautician, etc. Try closing your eyes and imagining yourself with a particular color. You can also use Photoshop or another computer program, to give you a general idea of what you will look like with different eye colors and compare between them, choosing the one that you like best.
Caution! Striving for perfection can make you look ridiculous. There are a lot of fashion tendencies even among contact lenses which look exciting and intriguing, but only in fashion magazines and professional photo shoots. Unfortunately, not all of them are suitable for everyday use.

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