Common mistakes in applying makeup

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Makeup application is a delicate procedure. Following are the mistakes you should not make in applying it.
Mistake: Picking the wrong foundation
A woman wearing the wrong foundation is easily discernable in a crowd betrayed by the stained collar of her shirt. This means that the foundation she is wearing fits neither her facial nor her neck area skin color.
Remember, if foundation changes the color of your skin, then the nuance you have chosen is not the right one for you. The right color of foundation should perfectly match your natural complexion. In order to select the right shade of foundation, first you need to apply a small amount of the product to your chin-line and see how it blends with your natural skin color. Make sure to do this in daylight, not artificial lighting. The right color for you is the one that blends best.
Tip: In reality, what matters most is not the color of the foundation, but the undertone. Foundations with a yellow undertone go well with almost all complexions, unlike the ones with pinkish undertones.
Choosing the right foundation depends solely on the color and shade of your complexion. If you use foundation darker than your natural color, it will look artificial. If you pick one lighter than your complexion, it will give you a pale, washed-out look.
Golden rule: The undertone of your foundation should not double the tone of your face. If your complexion is pink, avoid piling on more pink and choose the beige undertones instead. If your skin is dark, avoid beige, which will give your face a grey undertone. Instead go for dark-beige or peach-beige.
Test a few colors and shades before you select one to buy. Cosmetics shops often have testers available where many ladies apply a little bit of the product to the inside of their wrist in order to determine their perfect color and shade, but this is counterproductive, since the color of the facial skin differs from the color of the skin of the hands and arms. In order to make the right choice, test the foundation cream on the edge of your chin.
How to select the right texture
This choice is determined by the type of your skin. Liquid foundation works with both thinner and thicker skin. It is recommended for all skin types, especially for dry and dehydrated skin. The foundation stick is usually too thick and is best used with skin prone to erythema (redness). Powder foundation is not used on its own, but in a combination with liquid foundation, making it more stable.
How to apply foundation
Never apply foundation using your fingers! When foundation is applied with fingers it is always too much and too unstable and the layer is not evenly spread. Apply liquid foundation with a slightly moistened sponge, moving outward from the center of the face. A small amount goes a long way.
For the upper part of the face, begin at approximately 2cm from the hairline. For the lower part of the face, begin at the chin and work outwards. It is unnecessary to apply foundation to the neck area. It will only stain the collar of your shirt. Apply powdered foundation with a puff rather than brush. This will prevent piling and accomplish a thin, yet sufficient layer.


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