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Coral and citrus lips – this summer’s hit

Image: © Dmitry Pichugin / Fotolia

If you enjoy always being in sync with fashion tendencies, this is for you! Fashion tendencies are unique – they change faster than you can get used to them, giving you new ideas to explore and apply.
It is clear that fashion does not encompass only clothes, shoes and accessories, but also hairstyles and cosmetics, which constantly expand their range.
Leading English companies dictate fashion laws for the next few months with regard to lipstick colors. Contrarily to all logic and the notion that summer is the season for light and fresh natural colors, this summer the lips of fashionable ladies will shine with the bright colors of coral and citrus.
Forget the colorless and unexpressive lip-gloss, the unremarkable pinkish lip-balm and switch to the bright lipsticks which will color your smile in fiery orange, dark coral and sharp citrus.
The fiery orange lipstick can really kindle passionate flames in the hot summer nights. It is bright and stands out in the sea of pale colors and neon lights.
This lipstick also protects the skin of your lips with its special ingredients – a complex of essential oils. Fiery orange gives a dramatic charm to redheaded ladies.
Lipsticks with coral nuances are especially suitable for natural blonds or redheads with a light complexion. The colors vary between softer and more aggressive shades, giving the lips a unique porcelain undertone.
If your skin is matted or dark, the best choice for you would be lipstick with a deep citrus color.
If you think lipstick is too heavy to be worn at the beach or while shopping with friends, you can still enjoy the same palette of coral and citrus colors in lip-gloss variety.

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