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Evening party makeup

Image: © Maksim Toome / Fotolia

You wish for a glamorous evening and makeup which will make you stand out from the crowd? Here is our advice on how to create a great evening makeup.
Evening makeup is usually more daring, charming and allows for more experimentation with colors. Do not be afraid to experiment and show your beauty at the party.
If you want to achieve a flawless look, first you have to clean the face and the skin needs to be well hydrated. This is very important in order to create a good foundation for a glamorous makeup. If you apply makeup to dry, flaking skin, spots will appear as soon as you put it on.
The first step is to spread a thin layer of powder or foundation on the eyelids to prepare them for a more permanent makeup. You can also use concealer in the area of the eyes. If you want to have a fresh and smooth look, choose colors close to your natural complexion.
You can now continue by applying eye-shadow. Use your favorite colors to create a beautiful feminine look. Pick three solid colors of shadow and apply them stroking from the base of the lid toward the eyebrow. Begin with a lighter color, followed by a darker one and finish off with the darkest one applied at the fold of the lid toward the outer corner of the eye. Make sure to blend colors well to avoid definitive lines between shades.
The next step is the application of eyeliner. Put it as close to the lashes as possible, following the natural curve of the eye. Begin application from inner to outer corner, thickening the line from the middle outward. For a smoky effect add a little shadow to the thicker end of the eyeliner. Use liquid eyeliner for a deeper, more sensual look.
For a stunning gaze add golden eyeliner in a V shape to the inner corner of the eye.
To finish off, curl lower, as well as upper lashes with volume mascara. Now that you are done with your fascinating makeup, it’s time to show it off at the party. Have fun with your new glamorous look.

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