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Foundation – the master magician

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Sometimes we need a little help in order to create the perfect look for ourselves. We often encounter different problems threatening to destroy our health as well as our beauty. Sleeplessness, stress, fatigue, aging – all these can be listed among the destroyers of health and beauty. The good news is that the cosmetic industry and its products are our faithful allies in hiding small imperfections.
Foundation is the makeup that can work wonders for any face, but only if it is well chosen in color and texture. Thanks to foundation we can skillfully cover up small wrinkles, redness or brown spots, we can even out facial complexion and give it radiance.
Before you proceed to applying foundation, cover your face with an even layer of your favorite day cream and give it 5 minutes to absorb. Remove any excesses with a tissue. The foundation you use for daytime makeup should be lighter and clearer in texture. Do not use too much of it in order to preserve a natural look.
If you have small red spots on your skin, first they need to be dulled down with a special pale-green concealer and then you can proceed with the application of foundation. If your skin looks tired with visible traces of fatigue, make sure to hydrate it well before applying the foundation.
If you have a mild or heavy inflammation of the skin, a rash or enlarged pores, according to experts it is best to use compact powder. It contains more pigments and covers the skin more densely. Remember not to pile larger amounts of powder on and around defects, but spread it evenly in order to get a smooth and fresh look. In cases such as these, it is good to use a product containing philodendron extract. It has excellent properties of healing the skin and preventing new inflammations. As a rule, choose products containing anti-bacterial ingredients.
If your skin is beginning to show the passage of time and you find you have rough spots, you can recruit the help of liquid foundation. This type of foundation is quite capable of smoothing out your complexion while hydrating your skin and improving its elasticity.
For strengthening tissues, use cosmetic products containing wheat proteins and chitin, which help the skin resist harmful impacts and maximize its elasticity.

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