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Full sexy lips

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It is every woman’s dream that her lips be full and juicy, attracting every male’s attention. But how do we keep our lips healthy even in the cold autumn days?
There is a classic trick – cover them with honey. While you are at home, watching some show on TV, cover your lips with a thin layer of honey. Leave on for 10 minutes. After that you can either wipe it off or lick them clean. For maximum effect, use organic honey. After a few procedures you will notice how smooth and naturally full your lips are becoming.

For lip volume

It is not a coincidence that the most coveted lips in the world are those of Angelina Jolie. We all dream of having lips as full as hers. They are so sexy! But not every lady is endowed with a set of lips with such volume. To optically enlarge your lips use bright lipstick or lip balm. Colors in all shades of pink and red are ideal for the purpose. For a finishing touch always add lip gloss. This will make your lips look fuller.

For asymmetrical lips

If your lips are not the same size, if your upper lip is thinner than the lower one or vice versa, outline the smaller lip with a light-colored pencil, apply your lipstick of choice and follow up with lip gloss, spreading it on the whole surface of the thinner lip and only in the middle of the fuller one.

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