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Giving yourself the perfect eye makeup

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Makeup can hide imperfections and highlight beautiful features. This is what makes it as important as beauty itself to every woman concerned with her appearance.
Basic rules for applying eye makeup
Try to remember the following few practical advices for applying eye makeup. The bright and light eye-shadows optically enlarge the eye and so does the light-colored eyeliner outlining the upper lid. If you prefer dark shades, remember that sharp shapes and contours make the eye look smaller.
An important part of creating the perfect eye makeup is to first moisten the eyelids. Before you begin the makeup application, clean the skin around the eyes and soften it with a light non-oily lotion. Powder the lids and lashes. This will extend the life of your eye-shadows and mascara.
If you want your eye makeup to look complete, do not neglect your eyebrows and lashes. Caring for your eyebrows and keeping them in the right shape improves the overall appearance of your eyes, and consequently, your whole image. Also, the long and strong eyelashes are an inseparable part of your eye. They can either destroy the overall look of your eyes if neglected, or give them a beautiful frame. This is why choosing the right mascara is so important. The Scandinavian type ladies should choose brown or grey mascara, while southern type ladies should go for black.
Cosmetic tricks for different eye types
Wide eyes can be brought together optically if you use darker shades in the inner corners and lighter ones on the outer.
Eyes that are close together can be distances by the opposite tactic – with lighter shades on the inner corner and darker ones on the outer. In this case eye-shadows should be applied at a slant from the top down.
Hollow eyes with protruding eyelids can be balanced out by using lighter tones and brighter colors. The shine effect visually enlarges the eye.
Bulging eyes can be evened out with dark shades, spread along the whole surface of the lid. In this case it is also recommended that the lower lashes be highlighted with mascara.
To create an effective makeup for asian-type eyes, it is important to accentuate on the lids and cheekbones. If the eyes are elongated, choose dark tones of makeup and spread along the whole surface of the lid.
Keep in mind that the eyes are a window to the soul. When a woman’s eyes are skillfully made up, the beauty of her soul is able to shine brighter.

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