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Golden smoky makeup for the summer

Image: © Subbotina Anna / Fotolia

One of the most popular styles in makeup is, of course, the smoky style. And this summer’s hit is the golden smoke. Here is how to prepare your own golden gaze.
Our advice
Choosing this most popular makeup fashion tendency is not always easy. Besides picking the right tones, you will also have to set apart some extra time for creating the perfect makeup. When choosing this style, you will have to take into consideration the occasion you are preparing for – sports, everyday activities, fancy restaurant, etc. In the following steps we will show you how to put on a smoky makeup for the summer.
When it comes to this summer’s smokies, gold is the new black. The tones you pick must blend well with the natural tone of your skin. This is the first step towards a dashing golden look.
Choose foundation in lighter golden tones if your skin is pale and darker gold if your natural complexion is tan.
What is said above for foundation also goes for eye-shadows, but this summer you can enrich the palette with the warmer nuances of brown, yellow and metallic golden tones.
Don’t forget that eyeliner has an immense effect on eye makeup and, consequentially, on your whole appearance. For this particular style and color of makeup, use black eyeliner on the lower, as well as the upper lid. To magnify the effect, add a slight dash of black eye-shadow on the lower lid.
Final touches
For the perfect conclusion apply black mascara. For the lips, use natural skin colors, or light peach and beige. Or, better yet, forget lipstick and go for a clear gloss.

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