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Help for problem skin

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Every woman dreams of smooth and radiant skin. However, for ladies with problem skin, this ideal seems well out of reach. Greasiness, inflammation, pimples, blackheads and enlarged pores are regular stumbling blocks on the way to achieving perfect skin. But with a correct approach, no one will suspect that you are having skin problems.
What must you do?
The most important thing that problem skin needs is daily care and careful cleansing. You don’t have to use hot water in order to wash away skin secretion. Quite the opposite! Hot water stimulates oil secretion and further expands the pores.
The best way is to wash your face with room temperature mineral or purified water. This will tone the skin and improve blood circulation. Gently rub your face with a slightly moistened towel. Never rub roughly!
Don’t forget to wash sponges, brushes and makeup applicators after every use, or else they can spread bacteria and this will worsen the condition of the skin. Wash towels and pillow cases often and avoid touching your face with your hands as much as possible.
Never use soap for washing your face. It is proven that soap contains fatty acids which can cause inflammation in inflammation-prone oily skin. Choose a series of products especially designed for oily skin to give it a complex treatment. Remember that all the products in one line have a synergistic effect and work together better than a combination of products of different lines.
Do not go overboard with the use of cleansing products. Do not use them more than once or twice per week. If used too often they can worsen the condition of the skin and trigger seborrhoea.
Choose decorative cosmetics in accordance with your skin type. Strive to use types containing anti-inflammatory and drying components. Do not use compact powder, because it is not suited for problem skin. Carry concealer in your handbag to hide inflammations.
Choosing colors go for the natural nuances. Bright makeup will only emphasize your imperfections. You can accentuate the eyes or the lips, but use warmer tones of lipstick. Purples and lilacs make imperfections more noticeable.

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  1. I had a heat rash and after there is some spot on my skin

  2. The respected person, its me sapana from Nepal, I am suffering from Skin pigmentation problem-it looks like sunburn but recently i Have realiged that it is Pigmentation problem ,because This winter season as well Facing this Problem- Please Sajjest me the Solution and Which SPF and Which Costmetic Product i Should use ? wy skin is really very Sensitive skin. , Your regular Viewer – Sapana kathayat From Nepal,kathmandu.

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