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Home face masks with eggs

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Eggs are a food product that has a leading role in preparing the home face masks. They contain many nutrients and are essential for female beauty.
Eggs have vitamins B, A and D, also contain cholesterol, lecithin, minerals.Eggs protein makes the skin supple and radiant. Egg masks are useful for every hair type, but for dry is essencial.
Albumin is a unique substance contained in eggs – it helps to smooth wrinkles around the eyes and lips. Yolk masks are recommended for dry skin because the yolk contains many nutrients.
Such masks rid of dryness and scaling, skin tone, helping to restore its protective function and nutrient manage to penetrate into deeper layers of skin.

Egg masks

Separate the yolk from the whites. Apply to face and neck. Leave to act for 20 min. Rinse with warm water.

One egg yolk mixed with half a teaspoon of honey is anti-wrinkle mask.Apply for fifteen minutes and wash with warm water.

You can mix the yolk with a teaspoon of olive oil and few drops of lemon juice. Apply on face and wash after ten minutes.

Very useful is the mask of one yolk, two tablespoons of cream and a teaspoon of carrot juice.Leave for half an hour.

Wonderful effect on the skin has protain mask.It tightens skin.Mix one egg whites with one teaspoon honey and two drops of olive oil and two drops of lemon juice. Leave the mask for ten minutes and wash.

Protain mask with cream is ideal for dry skin. Mix protain with teaspoon of cream. Apply on the face. Leave to act for 20 min and wash.

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