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Home remedies for puffy eyes. Anti puffiness mask.

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There are thousands of products the cosmetic industry can offer as a remedy for puffy eyes, but the easiest way to get rid of the puffiness is usually through the time-tested folk recipes that you can make at home.
It is extremely easy to make a cucumber anti-puffiness mask. Just finely shred some cucumber and add a few drops of lemon juice. Drain and spread over the eyes for about 15 minutes.
According to another folk recipe, pistachios are the best ingredient when dealing with puffy eyes. Crush or grind a few nuts and add 1 tablespoon of milk to achieve a homogenized mixture. Apply it over the eyes for 30 minutes.
Raw potato is also known to help in this matter. You can simply place a slice of peeled potato directly under the eyes. Or else you can shred it and mix it with finely chopped fresh parsley leafs. Apply mixture to your eyes for 10 minutes.
Milk is also a great remedy. Soak cotton balls in milk and place them over each eye for a few minutes. Thanks to the acidity of milk, the puffiness will subside.
Tea is also very beneficial for the eyes. Do not throw away your used tea bags. Instead let them cool and place them on your eyes while still a little warm. The best effect is achieved when using green tea or blueberry bags.
After applying whichever one of these procedures, do not forget to nourish the treated area with a lotion rich in vitamins A and E.

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