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Homemade cosmetic ice

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Cosmetic ice refreshes and revitalizes the skin. It cools the skin, stimulating blood flow, enhancing metabolism and tightening the pores, giving it more elasticity and a natural flush. Beauty experts advise to rub a cube of ice along your face and neck once or twice each day.
You don’t need special skills or knowledge in order to prepare homemade cosmetic ice. Below are several varieties. Remember, it should not be refrigerated for more than a week.
Mineral ice: pour mineral water into ice tray and freeze.
Lemon juice ice: juice ½ lemon. Ad juice to a cup of purified water and freeze. Lemon cubes moisturize the skin.
Green tea ice: brew green tea and let cool. Pour into ice tray and freeze. Green tea ice revitalizes all skin types.
Rice water ice: boil rice in a large amount of water. Pour stock into ice tray and freeze. Keep in mind that this particular ice can be refrigerated for only 3 days. It is very beneficial for skin types prone to pigmentation spots.
Watermelon ice: juice some watermelon into an ice tray and freeze the juice. After rubbing the skin, leave on for 15 minutes and rinse with cool water. This will refresh and revitalize the skin.

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