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How to achieve perfect makeup?

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A good makeup applied correctly and with proper cosmetics, changes the vision of the woman and makes her unique.
In the text you will find tips on how to change the usual ways to make ourselves more beautiful.
The nice makeup makes a woman more attractive, giving a fresh youthful appearance.
It also creates a sense of confidence.

Tint of the face

The skin is the key to great makeup
Let start the change with the complete face cleaning.
Apply on your face and neck the appropriate for you cleaning cosmetic.
Use exfoliating accessories to clean all the dark spots and dots.
After clearing the face, start with the application of foundation.
Choose a color corresponding to your natural tones.
If you have natural redness, use the yellow concealer to reduce it.
Apply light stick in the area under the eyes.
When you are choosing the foundation the make-up man advice not to compare the colour with that of the hand (usually the hand is with a few tones darker than the face), but with the cheeks.
Once finished with the application of foundation use powder that gently will balance the colours on your face.


Use a professional brush for applying blush,do not use those usually sold with it.
Turn the brush gently into the blush and than shake to drop the excess.
Start the application from the bone and pull it towards the cheeks.
Keep in mind that there, where you started the application, will be the most of the blush, so do not start from the middle of the cheeks.
Put the blash in the same way to  both cheeks.
Then with the top of the brush, in which there should be minimum blush left over walk through forehead, nose and chin.

Eyes and lips

There are many ways of applying eye makeup.
Try different ways to find out which is the best for you.
The sequence has to be as follows – first apply shadows – in the area below the eyebrows Use colour with several shades lighter than the main.
Apply the eyeliner from outside towards inside of the eye,
Apply the mascara two or three times to achieve desired effect.
Finish the makeup with emphasis the lips in your choosen colour which goes together with the rest of the makeup.

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