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How to apply lotion to the eye area

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The production of estrogen in the female body slows with age, the ability to retain moisture worsens and the skin loses its thickness and elasticity. The eye area needs special attention. In caring for this area, it is important not only to select the right cosmetic product, but also to apply it in a way that insures maximum absorption. Below are a few steps you should follow when applying cosmetics to the delicate area of the eyes.
Step 1
Put lotion the size of a pea on your ring and pinkie fingers and spread it around the eyes, patting gently. Be careful not to apply too much lotion. This will not make it more effective. Eye lotion is usually well absorbed by the skin there is no need to go through the whole container in a couple of days. Plus there is the added risk of getting lotion in your eyes, which can be very uncomfortable.
Step 2
Smudging lightly, apply lotion below the eyebrows, to the eyelids and to the area under the eyes which is often subject to puffiness and dark circles.
Step 3
Rub lotion in the area directly below the eyebrows using circular motions and gently pulling the skin upward. Do not press.
Step 4
Lightly pat the eyelid with the tips of all your fingers until lotion is completely absorbed.

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