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How to avoid errors in makeup

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Sometimes we are aiming to make a perfect makeup, but we make a mistakes and the result can be frightening.
Here are some errors when appling make-up that make us ollder and it is advisable to avoid:

1. Bad application of the powder
Powder can be your best friend in an attempt to hide your age, but only when it is applied on the forehead, nose, chin
And it can become your worst enemy if you sprinkle around your eyes,where even the small wrinkles will be highlighted. Avoid this time.

2. Heavy foundation
Every woman has small disadvantages on the face and is trying to cover them with foundation.And this is completely normal.
But the most important is what type of foundation you choose for your face.It has to be choosen according to your skin – not too heavy or oily, because it will only help your face to look older and as a face mask.

3. Mascara on lower lashes
Woman above 35 years old is not recomendable to use mascara on the lower lashes, because it forms dark cyrcle around the eyes makes them look older.
But do not rush to throw your mascara, just focus on the eyelashes of the upper eyelid.
It is good to highlight the eyelashes of the upper eyelid and make them bulky, so the lower eyelid looks lighter and adds freshness to your face.
This will create the illusion of more open and cheerful look.

4. The lack of sun ages skin
The sun and specificly the vitamine D, that is generating from it is very useful for our body.
But it does not mean that we can stay on the sun without protecting products that will protect us from the side pigmentation.
Prolonged the sun explosure dries the skin and make it look older
Therefore, dermatologists recommend foundation or tan face cream you use,to have a protective factor and do not forget to apply it before you leave, even for a short walk.

5. Bright cheeks blush
Do not use bright cheeks blash spacially if you are over 40.
If you would like to give frashness and colour to your face use blash or pearls but in bright light colour.
They have to highlight the cheeks and hide the age.
Bright colors applied strong on the cheeks are suitable for younger women who are not bothered by the wrinkles or dry skin.

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  1. i read dis intructions n its really helpin me out but i hav an oily skin,achnes on my face and chest how do i remove them… tired of using removal products….pls help me out am a Nigerian…..tnx

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