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How to beautify ourselves – tips

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Every     woman wants to look and feel great regardless of the age.
You do not have to spent a lot of money to look good. All you need is to know some beauty secrets.
The first secret is to understand the importance of hydration. It is not important to know what type of skin do you have – whether dry, oily, normal or combine
If you want to invest in a nice cosmetics, buy a quality moisturizer for skin.
It is good to use the moisturizer and gentle facial cleanser.
This will prolong the youth look of your skin.
If your skin is dry, it is particularly important because it is aging faster and wrinkles are more noticeable.
If your twenty-fifth birthday has already passed, moisturizer gives you the protection you need to prevent premature aging.

Five Secrets for Beauty

Actually Quality moisturizer is a product which provides gentle care and hydration, which retains moisture in skin cells and help your skin to create humidity.

The second secret every woman should know is that sun protection cream is the best way to prolong youthful skin.
This is due to the fact that sun cream protects skin from harmful rays and it does not allow to grow old quickly.
The sun influences the production of collagen, without which the skin can not maintain naturaly softness, moisture and youth, and to prevent wrinkles.
If you frequently exposed to sunlight, wrinkles will appear much earlier on your face. It is suffician to be in the sun a few minutes a day for several years and there are wrinkles.
Besides wrinkles it leads to the appearance of freckles, pigmentation and capillary stars. The skin may look rough, baggy or emaciated – and all because of the sun.
When choosing a sunscreem, choose the protection factor of fifteen or more. You can apply sun cream on your face before applying skin foundation makeup.
Secret number three – choose carefully face cleaning resources. Do not overdo it with soap, especially if you wash your face more than twice daily.
If you wash your face more than twice a day, it destroys the lipid barrier that protects the skin and makes it healthy. When this happens the skin becomes dry and vulnerable.
Secret number four – use the right accessories when applying makeup.
You may have bought the most expensive and beautiful beauty cosmetics, but if you do not have the necessary accessories, the beautiful makeup will not good.
Brush should be very soft and made of material that will slide slightly on your skin.
If powder or shadows fall dawn from the brush before applying, replace the brush.
Secret number five – change your hair style and makeup every two years.
If you change you will always look younger than your age.
The same hairstyle and makeup for many years make the woman look older.

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