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How to choose blush in accordance with your specific skin complexion

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Below you will find some useful advice which to regard when choosing the right blush.
Notice the color of your cheeks and how it differs when you are hot or cold. This would be the natural color of blush for you.
It is easy to choose the right nuance – simply pick a nuance as similar as possible to the tone of your bare lips.
How to apply blush? It can pretty much be applied to any area of the face, but the best look remains the classical cheekbone stroke.
Red-headed ladies can be brave and daring and use the orange tones. This will make them look phenomenal especially in the autumn. Pink tones generally look good on ladies with pale-pink lips and a lighter complexion.
If you have an olive complexion, the brown-based purple tones will look very flattering on you. You can also successfully use blush with a bronzing effect.
Golden blush looks very flattering on pale-skinned blonds as long as they are careful not to go overboard, because when it accumulates, golden blush has an orange hue and is no longer suitable for blonds.
Some ladies with darker complexions seem to think that the right choice for them is somewhere in the darker tones of blush, but that is not always the case. Always check with your lip color. Some African-Americans can look fabulous in pink.

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