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How to choose fake eyelashes

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Fake eyelashes are excellent for creating an attractive look, but they have to be carefully chosen. Here is our advice on how to do that.
The choice of fake eyelashes is very individual and depends chiefly on the effect you desire to achieve. These eyelashes are in fact synthetic fibers, attached among your own eyelashes with special glues, which are not harmful to the skin.
Even eyelashes
Often these eyelashes need to be trimmed after they are firmly glued. Trim them to the length of your natural lashes for a more natural look.
Three quarters
These lashes are broader towards the outer corner of the eye and thinning towards the inner, creating a gentle, romantic look.
Lower eyelashes
Lower lashes are just as popular as the upper ones. They are applied below the natural ones in order to avoid a fake look. They create a charming, yet official business look.

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