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How to fight dry facial skin

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One of the problems with dry skin is that it tightens and flushes after washing. In order to deal with this, you will need to give your skin some extra care.
In the mornings do not wash your face with soap. Instead use cleansing lotion and rinse it with water. Next, apply non-alcohol tonic lotion and moisturizer rich in vitamins A and E. The skin will need more hydration during the day, so for this purpose you can use spray-tonic or mineral water in a spray bottle.
In the evening, after taking down your makeup with cleansing lotion, you should complete the cleaning procedure with tonic lotion for dry skin. Two hours before going to bed, treat your skin with a nourishing cream containing liposomes.
Once a week you can use homemade or store-bought masks especially designed for dry skin.
These procedures will help improve your skin and give it radiance.

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