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How to form the perfect eyebrows

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Well shaped eyebrows are essential in giving expression to the eyes. The expression of the face, its very balance is determined not so much by the eye itself but by its natural contour – the eyebrow.
Whether they are ungroomed or overly groomed, eyebrows play a vital role in enhancing or destroying the impression of your outward appearance. That is why they need special attention and constant monitoring of their shape.
The easiest way to correct the form and color of your eyebrows is to turn to a specialist. But in the hurried lifestyle of today’s society, not very many people have the time for regular visits to the beauty salon and as we know, hairs spring up every day. This is why most of us shape our eyebrows at home using tweezers and a magnifying mirror. No matter how expert we consider ourselves to be in tweezing, it never hurts to go over some essential rules.
The tools needed are tweezers, magnifying mirror and some disinfecting lotion. A large stand-alone mirror is preferable, because it frees both of your hands and you can see both of your eyes simultaneously. Before embarking on this procedure, make sure you have sufficient lighting. It is best to use daylight whenever possible.
The technique of brow-shaping is fairly simple, but there are a few tricks you should know. Grip hair as close to the root as possible. Tug on the skin with your free hand and sharply pull out gripped hair. Pull hairs one by one, do not rush. For pain relief you can use all kinds of hot compresses (they expand the pores and hairs come out easier, or the exact opposite – rub area with a cube of ice.
Creating the ideal shape
The classical perfect eyebrows are constructed based upon three fundamental lines across the face. Use these lines to determine where your eyebrows should begin, end and peak. You can do this with the help of a pencil or ruler, just lay it across your face, making sure it goes through the points listed bellow and mark the point of intersection with the line of the eyebrows.
The first line extends from the outermost part of the nostril trough the inner corner of the eye and up toward the eyebrow. This will mark the beginning of your perfect eyebrows. All hairs beyond this line, straying toward the upper part of the nose, should be removed.
The second line also begins at the outermost part of the nostril, but it goes through the outer corner of the eye. Its intersection with the line of the eyebrows marks the spot where they should end. If there are hairs left outside of this line, they should be removed. If your eyebrows are naturally shorter and end before intersecting with this line, you can correct them with makeup.
The third line starts, as the rest of them, at the outermost part of the nostril and goes through the middle of the pupil when looking straight forward. Its intersection with the line of the eyebrows shows where your eyebrows should peak or the center of their curve.
Remove hairs to the left and right of the end markers, as well as the ones below and above the line of the eyebrows if they interfere with the desired curves to give eyebrows their final contour.
Do not get carried away in tweezing even if you think your eyebrows are too wide and thick. When you remove a few hairs from one eyebrow, do the same with the other. Otherwise you will get two eyebrows differing in shape and curve. Often look in the mirror. Eyebrows should be symmetrical.
After removing a certain number of hairs, pause and let the skin rest for a while, since this procedure is very stressful for it. Continue until you decide you have achieved the perfect form. When you are done tweezing, rub the skin with disinfecting lotion. Now you can apply cream or gel. It is best to use one containing aloe.
Do not forget that the shape of the eyebrows needs to be maintained and tweezed into shape every few days.

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