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How to keep your eyebrows beautiful and well-maintained

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The shape and form of the eyebrows plays a big part in your whole image. Below you will find a few tips on how to make your eyebrows beautiful and give them a well-maintained look.
Eyebrows add content to the face and help determine its shape. This is why proper cleaning of the eyebrows is so important in adding to your overall beauty.
Tweeze in the evening. This will allow sufficient time for the redness and irritation of the skin to pass. There will be no trace of them in the morning.
The tweezers should be held at an angle and the hairs should be pulled individually in the direction of growth.
Do not remove the hairs above the eyebrows. This way you will help them keep their height and natural look.
Do not pluck more hairs than necessary.
For a better grip, use a short eyebrow pencil. Begin applying it at the inner part and stroke toward the outer part of the eyebrow.
Follow pencil application with a brushing, to give it an even spread.
The best eyebrow shape is considered to be the one ending a little way from the outer corner of the eye and peaking at the outer corner of the iris when looking straight.
And a few more tips:
Before tweezing, clean the eyebrows with an alcohol based lotion. This helps to numb the area and dull the pain of tweezing. An ice cube can be used instead of lotion.
The tweezers should be used at a 45 degrees angle.
If you are applying eyebrow pencil, choose one which is at least two tones lighter than the tone of your hair.

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