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How to keep your lips youthful

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After the eyes, lips are the second most important part of the female face. They should always be healthy, fresh and, of course, smiling. Unfortunately age does not spare any facial feature, lips including. Here are a few steps to help you fight aging without much effort or cost.
Cracked lips
Dry, flaky or cracked lips are affected by the loss of moisture brought on by aging. Their hydration is lessened with the passing of time. To regain the smoothness and softness of your lips, you need to treat them with a scrub mask, designed especially for the purpose. You can easily find such a scrub mask in every drugstore or cosmetics shop. If not, you can make it at home.
Homemade lip scrub
All you need to do is mix one tablespoon of sugar with cocoa, coconut or olive oil to form a thick paste. Apply exfoliating paste with the help of a soft toothbrush, brushing gently for 30 seconds. Rinse and apply moisturizing lip balm containing vitamin E, jojoba or almond oil. Use this scrub daily to keep your lips soft and smooth.
Wrinkled lips
You cannot completely reverse the wrinkling of your lips, no matter what you do, but there are some things that will help slow down the process. One of them is the regular use of anti-aging products on and around the lips.
Advice: Besides the products you can find on the market, you can also care for your lips by using coconut butter on a regular basis. Another good means for delaying the aging of lips is strengthening the muscles through regular exercises.
Thin lips
Another problem brought on by aging is thinning of the lips. You could have full and puffy lips, but in time the collagen layer in the skin decreases and lips grow thinner.
Advice: This can be masked by good makeup or corrected with other procedures such as laser resurfacing or collagen shots, etc.
Whatever you do, keep in mind that a smile instantly makes the lips more beautiful. So smile often.

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  1. shanah says:

    I love the tips. I usually scrub lips once a week and not daily because scrubbing daily wears out the natural oils.

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