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How to maintain beautiful and healthy lips: Perfect, irresistible lips in three easy steps

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Do not forget that in order to be healthy, lips need to be nourished. If you wish to make them beautiful as well, read the following tips.
Step 1: The shape of the lips
Before applying lipstick, balm or shine, outline the shape of your lips with a lip-liner. This framing will prevent the smudging of lipstick and will help keep it in the proper shape for longer. Select a pencil color which will correspond with the color of your chosen lipstick. The lip-liner can be a little darker. This will add to the harmonious blending of nuances.
If you do not have the time or the inclination for the use of a lip-liner, use pencil lipstick instead. First trace the contour of the lips and then fill in. If you wish to use just shine, gloss or balm, keep in mind that your lip-liner should be in tones as close as possible to the natural.
Step 2: Lipstick
When choosing the right color of lipstick, use your natural skin complexion as a guide. Select a color that would look good even if you were wearing no other makeup. Apply the lipstick with a special lipstick brush, starting at the center of the lip and working your way towards the corners. When you are done, press your lips against one another to blend any difference in tone between the lipstick and lip-liner. In order to make your lipstick more durable, powder your lips before you apply it.
When choosing the correct lip color, the size of the lips does matter. If you have full lips, you can choose dark nuances. They will also complement your skin complexion. Thin lips will look better in lighter shades of lipstick. This will give them volume and make them look bigger.
Step 3: Gloss
The final touch! You can complete it by adding gloss or shine to the lips. This will highlight the beauty of your lips, draw attention to them and give your face a fresh look. Apply the gloss or shine only to the middle part of the lips, over lipstick or as a primary lip product.

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