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How to make sexy and juicy lips?

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Men have always admired the female smile, seductive, beautiful and sexy lips always play a big role.
How to make them great?
If you would like to try something new this month try new lipstick, because lips can recreate all the passion of a woman.
How to choose the correct shade? Here are 5 tips from world-famous makeup artists working with celebrities

1. Select energy colour
The colour is important and can make you in a good mood all day.
If you do not have enough time for make-up in the morning, at least put bright lipstick.
Red looks great as well as bright pink and coral advises the makeup man James Kaliardos who works with Madonna, Linda Evangelista, Julianne Moore and Michelle Williams.
Madona’s trick-when applies the colour she uses round brush with short hair.
If you are worried that the colour is too bright, place neutral colour as a base and then the one you have selected.
This will wipe out the natural colour of lips and help lipstick to last longer.
Touch the top of the lipstick to the powder before applying to achieve better final result.

2.The lipstick’s colour should match the colour of hair
If your hair is bright red, choose lipstick color orange or tomato
If it is dark red, your look will complement red or brown brick colour.
If you have a lighter hair and skin choose coral, but be careful that it will not have chalk colour.
Gucci Westman, who works with Kate Hudson and Kate Blanchett knows how to hold the lipstick longer on the lips – especially the darker colours.
Apply a coat of lipstick on the lips and spread it with a little transparent powder.

How to apply lipstick – put it on the lips with aa brush and spreat it with your finger.
You can ad a lip pencil for longer last effect-matte coluors are easier to maintain and stay longer.They are highly pigmented formulas that last longer.

3.The best advices to hide the age
Red lipstick is a magical product that suites everybody.
Charlotte Wheeler, a makeup artist of Uma Thurman, Kate Moss and Gwyneth Paltrow said The older you are, the more daring red colour has to be.
Always try before you buy as lipstick looks one way in the pack and another on the lips.
Try it on your fingers, not your hands.
Skin color of the top of your thumb is the closest to the natural colour of your lips.
If you are worried to wear red, gently tap with the lipstick in the middle of the lips and spread it.
Choose a lipstick that will suit your natural tan, not colours that will make your teeth look whiter.
So your skin will look bright and shiny.

4.Prepare a smooth surface
Red will draw attention to your lips, so make sure that they are in perfect condition by removing all dryness and exfoliation with regular use of lip vaseline.
The makeup artist for Lady Gaga says to Daily Mail taht you have to choose the perfect red that suites the best the colour of you skin.
The pure red and pink colour suit people with light skin and red towards orange or warm colours suit”olive” colour skin
Dark strawberry red looks great on Asian or African-American woman.

5.Fresh coral this spring
If you are just exploring the world of makeup, start with light colors for the lips. hat will protect
Gloss or light lipstick spread on your lips will give you a fresh look, without your vision suffers from the heavy color of lipstick
Sue Devi, makeup artist of Sandra Bullock, Eva Longoria and Sarah Jessica Parker advised to choose fresh coral lipstick for spring.
This color is a great alternative replacement to a bright rose and red.

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