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How to mask away wrinkles

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Makeup is like magic. It can work wonders with the skin of almost every woman. Skillful makeup not only makes us prettier, but also more confident, sunny and positive. The “magical” powers of powder, foundation, blush and lipstick are a time-tested means for stunning charm.
Today these products are subjected to continuous revolutionary innovations and improvements, as a result of which the market is saturated with products which do not simply beautify, but also rejuvenate and make us look younger hiding up to 50% of wrinkles.
Middle-aged or close to middle-aged ladies will do well to learn a few rules which should be applied when choosing cosmetics. The discoveries in cosmetic laboratories in out times allow every woman to choose between different products with miracle-working ingredients that have an astonishing effect on the skin. Different ingredients are used for different parts of the female face. For example, the skin on the lips does not contain sebaceous glands and as a result is prone to quicker dehydration. Regular lipsticks often enhance this drying and wrinkling of the lips. You should strive to use lipsticks with active ingredients.
Anti-aging crème
Products for the eye area should contain peptides. They smooth the lines around the eyes and stimulate the production of collagen in the cells. Experts maintain that one quality product is capable of immediately influencing the skin around the eyes. This skin is thin and sensitive, but also very susceptible to the effects of active ingredients. Peptide-containing eye concealers are absolutely harmless and do not burden the skin like other gels or lotions.
When choosing foundation, ask for a recommendation of one containing retinoids, collagen and hyaluronic acid. These ingredients are very important. The human skin usually produced hyaluronic acid on its own, but its production decreases with time. This is why as we age, the skin slacks and wrinkles appear. Foundation containing hyaluronic acid is an excellent way to continue the work of your anti-aging night crème during the day.

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