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Hyaluronic acid – the wrinkle killer

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With the passing of time and advancing of age, wrinkles start to form on every woman’s face. Women are never glad about this.
Why do wrinkles appear? As the skin ages, the collagen in it lessens, as well as the hydration. With both of these things gone, fine lines begin to appear, signalizing that the skin begins to fade.
Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found in skin – in the epithelial and connective tissues, the fluids surrounding the joints and ligaments, as well as in the fluids around the eyes.
In recent years hyaluronic acid has become extremely popular because of its quality to “regain youth”. This is why it is also called “the spring of youth”.
At the moment hyaluronic acid is the greatest weapon of the cosmetic industry. The secret to its success is in the fact that it is able to retain water and thus keep the skin firm, stretched, recovered, beautiful, healthy and smooth.
The job of hyaluronic acid in the skin is to transport nutrients in the blood to the blood cells, to recover lost water in skin cells and to protect from injuries.
Hyaluronic acid can be administered topically, as well as in the form of injections. There is a wealth of gels and serums containing hyaluronic acid. However they have no miraculous properties and it is debated whether the molecules of the acid are able to penetrate the epidermis.
The procedures of injecting hyaluronic acid are currently enjoying world-wide fame. But they are only active in the area where they are administered and do not have the capacity to improve the overall condition of the skin.
Hyaluronic injections are one of the quickest and most painless ways to get rid of wrinkles. But it is also the most short-lived. The procedure can be done with or without anesthetic. The effect can be observed in full after 48 hours.
As mentioned above, hyaluronic acid is a natural product. This is why after a while it is absorbed by the body, its effect lessens and the procedure must be repeated.

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