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Lip makeup for the summer?

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Summer is at its peak. The lipstick tendencies are towards bright colors, pearly shine, a great variety of tones and extravagant black – lip makeup and the means for creating it are as diverse this season as never before.
Radiant pink
This season, pink lip gloss is very much in style. It goes with bright colored outfits for the hot days, as well as classical evening attire.
Trace the upper lip with lip liner of the same color as your lip gloss then apply gloss along the whole surface of the lips. This helps avoid smudging. For the application of gloss use a thin lip brush to accomplish a more even spread of the color.
Tiny trick
If your lips are too full or too thin, don’t despair – you can correct them with makeup. It’s not complicated. All you need to do is remember a couple of tricks that makeup artists use. If your lips are too full, hide their natural contour with foundation and draw a new outline with lip liner. If your lips are too thin, outline them a little bit above their natural contour.
The right decision
There is no guarantee that your choice of color will be the right one. Below are a few basic guidelines for perfect lips.
Bright orange draws attention to the teeth and brings out their natural yellowish hue. Redheaded ladies should not experiment with violet lips and ladies with light colored hair (sandy blond) should not use skin colored lipstick to avoid a washed-out look.
Sun on the lips
The brighter the sun, the better bright orange looks on your lips. It also goes well will tanned skin.
Before applying lipstick, use foundation on your lips to smooth them over and extend the life of your makeup.
Trace out the lips with a little bit of lipstick spread on the thin end of a bamboo cuticle stick. This will help you make a more exact outline. Press a tissue to the lips and then powder them with the help of a sponge or brush. The powder will mix with the lipstick and make it more durable. Finally add a second layer of lipstick.
Your perfect color
Dark – the classic burgundy, red wine and sour cherry colors beautifully complement dark skin.
Universal – red nuances accentuate the slightly tanned skin.
Light – coral tones are perfect for ivory-skinned ladies.
Experts say
How to apply lip gloss?
The most important thing is that your makeup looks natural. When using lip gloss, avoid tracing the lips with contrasting lip liner. It is best to apply gloss with your index finger – this makes the lips look fuller.
How to extend the life of lip makeup in the summer?
In the summer, lip makeup lasts longer if before you apply lipstick, you spread lip liner of the same color on the whole surface of the lips.
What should you have in your cosmetics bag this summer?
Lip gloss in natural tones. It goes well with daytime, as well as evening makeup, makes the lips look fuller and allows you to touch-up your makeup even without a mirror.

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