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Makeup according to the shape of your eyes

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It is easy for the perfect eye to look good even without makeup. But perfect eyes are few and far between. Even if your eyes are not ideal they can still be dazzling with the right makeup. If you want your eyes to look stunning and alluring, the technique of applying your makeup is very important. The different shapes of eyes require different types of makeup.

Sunken eyes

If your eyes are sunken and hollow, the eye-shadow you apply must be of a lighter tone in order to avoid emphasizing the hollowness. This way your eye will seem bigger and brighter. Apply eye-shadow on the lid from the inside out and make sure to use light tones in the middle.

Eyes which are far apart

You can make your eyes look closer together if you apply darker shades of eye-shadow on the outer side of your eyelid and work your way in with progressively lighter nuances of the same color.
Eyes which are close together
Apply a small amount of concealer to the inner part of the eye in order to create an illusion of space. Proceed with a thin line of eyeliner, thickening it toward the outer end of the lid. Apply soft and warm tones of eye-shadow to the inner corner of the lid, but no further than the middle. Leave the outer corner for darker and more intense tones. It is advisable to use a heavier layer of mascara for the outer lashes.

Drooping eyes

In this case you need to create an optical illusion that lifts up the eyes. This is achieved through twisting the applied eye-shadow upward at the outer corner of the eye. Start with applying a full, thick streak of eyeliner along the lid and blend it into your preferred color of eye-shadow.

Asian eyes

Apply a thick line of black eyeliner on the upper lid and work it into the eye-shadow. Add a small streak of eye-shadow on the bottom lid of the eye. If you want to make the eye look bigger, add a hint of dark-toned shadow directly under the eyebrow. Finish off with three layers of mascara.

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