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Makeup after plastic surgery

Image: © stryjek / Fotolia

Plastic surgery often includes alteration of facial features. The new challenge before you is to emphasize your newly acquired qualities and find the right combination of makeup which will allow you to show off everything there is to show.
If you have corrected the cheekbones, chin or nose
You have to emphasize the new shapes. Use powder with light-reflecting particles, pale-pink blush and tanning-effect foundation. Don’t forget to accentuate the eyebrows with pencil or special eyebrow makeup. This will additionally open up the face and give notice to its new shape.
If you have corrected the eyebrows
In this case the emphasis should fall on the eyes. Generously use eye-shadows, eyeliner and elongating mascara. One perfect way to highlight the upper part of the face is smoky makeup. However, you should use lighter tones to indirectly accentuate the eyebrows. The lighter tones will create an illusion for even higher eyebrow arches. You can underline the eyebrows with a pencil.
If you have corrected the lips
The most effective way to emphasize your smile is to apply a little bit of shine to the middle of the lower lip. Remember that matted colors visually expand the lips and can make your smile look unnatural. Same goes for bright colors – red, orange, hot pink, etc., which is why you should go for the darker, more natural colors. If your lips are still swollen after the operation, instead of lipstick, use concealer with their color, gently spreading it with your fingertip. If you still wish to emphasize the lower part of the face apply a small amount of gloss on the lips after outlining them slightly with lip-liner.
If you have corrected the ears
This is not a common procedure, yet many women choose to “tuck in” their overly protruding ears. With this new image you can confidently open up the face with a new short hairstyle or pull long hair back in a bun. When opening up the face, make sure you use the right type of foundation.

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