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Makeup and summer

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Summer makeup has its own peculiarities. A few of them are listed below to give you a better sense of what should and shouldn’t be done in the summer.
Every cosmetics product should be applied to clean skin for maximum efficiency and duration. Use a cleansing product every morning, but for the summer it should be milder and easier on the skin.
A light moisturizing lotion is very beneficial for the skin in the heat of summer. It should be applied in a thin layer over all parts of your face and neck, a little bit thicker on the cheeks where skin tends to dry up fast. Allow lotion a few minutes to absorb and dab any excess away with a soft tissue.
Protection from the sun
We have all heard of the horrible effect the sun has on unprotected skin, but how often do we take precautions? Choose an everyday sunscreen with no less than 15 SPF to use until the end of spring and switch to one with at least 30 SPF as soon as summer starts. Sunscreen should be well absorbed into the skin and should not leave greasy traces. Many moisturizing lotions have adequate UV protection and beautifully combine both features into a single product.
Using concealer around the eyes
We often neglect to deal with dark circles and puffy eyes, leaving them visible and unattended. Yes, foundation is heavy and you should avoid its use in the summer, but concealer has a lighter structure and can very effectively deal with these minor nuisances. It should be the same tone as your skin, or a tone lighter. The soft liquid concealer should be spread on the lower and upper lid with extreme care. This is a very simple step, yet one that can make a lot of difference in your general appearance.
Evening out facial tan
Hard concealer is typically sold in a cylindrical container and it has the property of concealing problematic areas by drying them out. The color of this type of concealer should be an exact match with the tone of your skin. Using lighter or darker tones will only accentuate the problem areas, drawing attention to them.
Concealer can be applied either with the tips of your fingers or with a special brush – it’s your choice. Fingertips give warmth to the concealer, allowing for a more even spread, while the brush protects the pores from becoming contaminated with grease from the fingers. The concealer should be applied directly onto the problem spot and the area around it. It can also be used on flushed or sunburned areas around the nose.
Compact powder
Often neglected, yet very important, it is powder that gives the face radiance and evens out its color. In the summer it is best to use a light compact powder, which should be applied with a large makeup sponge. You can also use the sponge to dab away any excess, or use a cotton makeup pad.

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