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Makeup for bronze skin

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The basic steps to creating bronze skin makeup are the same as the usual. The only thing different is that the foundation you use must be in a lighter more transparent color to avoid caking and giving the skin an unpleasant look. Here is some advice to help you achieve radiant beauty.
If you have bronze skin, there are a few things you should take into consideration before you begin your makeup – the tone of your skin, the color of your eyes and the color of the clothes you intend to wear. Unless your skin is perfect, avoid very bright colors and faded nuances, because they tend to bring attention to blemishes: wrinkles, age spots, acne and dark circles.
To accentuate your bronze tan use metallic eye-shadows and pale-red lipstick.
Bronze powder
The secret to gorgeous bronze skin lies in a special cosmetic product – bronze powder or pearls. Bronze powder is easy to apply and can be chosen in accordance with the desired effect – sparkling or matting. Also make sure that the nuance you have chosen is not too dark, because this will give you an unnatural look. For best application use a large soft brush. Start application at the T-zone of your face and work towards the cheekbones.
To draw attention to your beautiful eyes use light-colored blush. Choose one to go with the tone of your skin. Pink and peach are highly recommended. Apply blush last, after powder, with a special blush brush.
Use metallic colored eye-shadows. Choose soft colors such as coral or pink. You can put darker shades to the outer corner of the eye. Apply brown or black eyeliner for evening makeup. Use elongating extra volume mascara.
Shiny lips
Apply lip gloss to make lips look fuller. Use cherry red, peach or chocolate. Make sure to buy nourishing lip gloss to protect your lips from dehydration and the harmful rays of the sun.

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