Makeup for brunettes

Image: © Victoria Andreas / Fotolia

Ladies with dark hair emanate exotic charm. This charm can be either enhanced or destroyed by makeup, so in order to look irresistible brunettes have to pay special attention to the decorative cosmetics they use.
Ban the lighter lipstick colors
Suitable colors for brunette lips are cinnamon, caramel and spicy reds. These are the hot tones which will enhance the dark-haired beauty. The lighter, pink lipsticks are not appropriate for them.
Adding bronze
If you want to have bronzy cheeks, this should be the highlight of your makeup. It will give your face a natural look while perfectly underlining the cheekbones, making you even more charming.
Eye makeup
In order to show off your dramatic blue eyes, you will need to apply warm and rich eye-shadows. Blue or pale purple will make your eyes stunning. If you have a pale complexion, use brown mascara. It will make you look cute and pretty. For darker skin and dark eyes, you can use black or dark blue mascara.


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