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Makeup Jenifer Lopez style

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The world famous singer always looks feminine and perfect. Her eye-shadows of choice are light, soft and radiant, accentuating her natural features. Now you can be just as feminine and perfect. Here’s how:
After hydrating the skin, apply concealer around the eyes, including the inner corner, to hide any visible dark circles. A thin layer of concealer on the upper lid will make a good foundation for eye-shadows.
Use foundation with color as close as possible to your natural complexion. Blend it well with the tips of your fingers. Choose makeup with pink or peach undertone, whichever one looks best on you. If your face is oval, apply a very thin layer of blush to the center of the cheeks. If it is long, apply a small amount to cheekbone.
Apply a layer of pearly eye-shadow in a peach or beige undertone to entire upper lid – from lashes to eyebrows. Briefly stroke the inner corner of the eye with brush to give it a brilliant look. Brunettes look good in a combination of light-blue, graphite grey, ivory and fresh green. Lighter complexions can use nuances of pistachio and lilac. Darker skin would be complemented by shades of violet, pink and peach, which should be applied moderately, carefully spread along the lid.
To the moveable part of the lid apply matted or pearly shadows in darker tones. Make sure to apply in an even layer progressively increasing the intensity of the color. Work stroking from the bottom up, because any other direction will make the eyes look heavy. If you have trouble determining the color that goes best with your complexion, try taking into account the color of your eyes. Many women look good in contrasting colors, which create a remarkable combination with the color of the eyes.
Apply light shadows (the lightest of the nuances you will be using) to the uppermost part of the lid, along the entire line of the eyebrow.
Choose dark-chocolate or brownish black eyeliner. Draw a very thin line at the base of the lashes. A thicker line will give makeup a heavy look. To optically enlarge the eye, progressively thicken eyeliner from the middle of the lid toward the outer corner.
Groom eyebrows and if necessary, shape them with the help of some eyeliner.
Curl lashes and apply two to three layers of black elongating mascara.
Lightly rub lips with a gentle toothbrush to make them softer. Apply nourishing balm and let it absorb (no less than 30 minutes).
Choose peach or beige lipstick and lip-liner in accordance with blush color. Apply a layer of lipstick and dab with tissue. Apply a second layer.
Voila – now you look like Jenifer Lopez.

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