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Mask for young beautiful skin with the help of the nature

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The nature is giving a lot of useful fruits and vegitables.
They are good for the health but also very popular as a beauty treatments.
The potatos juice is very useful, although not a pleasant taste.
This shortcoming, however, is invisible when using potato juice externally.
The potato juice has amazing cosmetic effect on the skin and it helps with burns.
Also it gets rid of swelling under the eyes and the black dots.
Take one potato grate it grater finely and squeeze the juice from it.
Apply this juice to the face or make a compress on your face with gauze or tissue. .
Leave to act 20 min and rinse with warm water.
This procedure relaxes the skin and has anti-inflammatory action
Women love fruit masks because they make the skin soft and radiant.
It is mandatory to include in your menu fresh fruit juices, because they work inside and make the skin gorgeous
There are juices that of regular drinking have great influence on the skin.
It takes vitamins and minerals from them,is refreshing, it becomes smooth and elastic, and existing wrinkles disappear.
A mixture of juice of fresh pepper and cucumber tone the skin.
These vegetables contain silicon, which is beneficial for skin, hair and nails.
The cucumber juice pH level is similar to the composition of our skin, so it helps to stay longer young.
Pumpkin juice contains zinc, iron, carotene and vitamin T, which is very rare and improve blood composition.
Regularly drink pumpkin juice and slow skin aging, prevent wrinkles, stimulate the emergence and growth of new skin cells.
Wheat juice is incredibly useful for the face skin.
It is extremely powerful in preventing wrinkles and premature aging.
Soak wheat seeds, plant them, wait until the sprouts reach fifteen centimeters, cut and squeeze the juice from them
Two tablespoons of this juice daily is sufficient for the young and beautiful skin.

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