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More advice on summer makeup

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Here is some more advice on creating a lasting and beautiful summer makeup.
At the beach
Everyone should know that at the beach makeup is strictly forbidden. The ingredients in makeup, combined with direct bright sunlight can damage the skin. Regardless of that, there are a couple of products you can use at the beach – waterproof mascara and a small amount off UV protection lip gloss. And, of course, use plenty of sunscreen.
Daytime makeup
The secret weapon of this makeup is called blush. Brunettes should choose blush in metallic bronze colors, while blonds should go for pink, coral and peach. Use natural colors of eye-shadow, such as beige, the warmer tones of brown, pink and orange. You may use black or brown mascara, but be careful not to put too much. Exchange the eyebrow tracer for clear mascara. Avoid outlining the lips with lip liner. Use lip gloss in pink, beige or peach.
Evening makeup
Now you may use foundation, but only in small amounts. You can also apply dark mascara and add a thin line of eyeliner. The evening makeup can sparkle in silver or golden tones. For the lips use beige lipstick with a clear gloss.
If you’re going for a more femme fatale look, use eyeliner, fading eye-shadows and fake eyelashes, to draw attention to the eyes.

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