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Removing makeup

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Makeup removal turns out to be a complicated endeavor. The wrong approach toward removing your makeup could be seriously hazardous to your health and beauty.
If a woman does not deem necessary to remove her makeup before going to bed and sleeps in it, or removes it carelessly with inappropriate products, then the deterioration of her skin should not come as a surprise.
Treat yourself kindly. Your skin deserves and needs attention and TLC, only then will it be healthy and beautiful. Neglected facial skin has its repercussions – acne and comedones (blackheads) appear, because the pores are clogged with dead cells, dirt and cosmetics, which can also lead to inflammation. To avoid these unpleasant consequences one must follow the several rules for makeup removal discussed below.
Firstly, do not use cotton balls for removing makeup. Instead, use specially designed cotton disks or tissues, because even doused in lotion they do not disintegrate and threads don’t get stuck to the skin. Cotton has the tendency to dissolve into fibers, which plague the eyes and nose. This is why you shouldn’t use it for removing makeup, especially mascara and eye-shadows. Be extra careful if you are wearing contact lenses.
Secondly, for removal of makeup you should use cosmetic products specially designed for the purpose, selected in accordance with your skin type, age group, skin condition and overall health.
Thirdly, remove makeup carefully and gently, moving only in the direction of the massage lines and not counter-wise, without pulling or pressing the skin, in order to avoid traumatizing it. Meanwhile, you should gently massage the skin to improve circulation.
Fourthly, there is a strict sequence in makeup removal. The first to be removed is lipstick, followed by mascara, eye-shadow and eyeliner (if any) and finally the rest of the face is cleansed. Disrupting this sequence is counterproductive.
Massage lines are the lines along which the skin is least stretched. If you remove makeup following these lines you will prolong the youthfulness of your skin.
Be extra careful with the skin around the eyes, since it is easily damaged if harshly dealt with. Remove cosmetics from eyelids just as carefully, strictly following massage lines – from the inner corner out for the upper eyelid and from the outer corner in for the lower.
Apply moisturizing lotions and nourishing masks in the same manner. Do not rub lotion into skin but rather softly pat it on with the tips of your fingers, starting at the middle of the chin and working your way toward the forehead.

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